Rep. Charles Rangel, Ray Loving, Keith Wright and Earl Scott

Rep. Charles Rangel, PRID President Ray Loving, Dinner Honoree County Leader Keith Wright and PRID District Leader Earl Scott


Cory and Earl

PRID District Leaders Cory Haber and Earl Scott


State Committee Member Arthur Grieg and former PRID District Leader Jerry Goldfeder



Rep. Charles Rangel, PRID member Mary Dowery and Lowenstein Honoree Galen Kirkland

Photos by Arlene Karol


















PRID Dinner, 2009

79th Street Boat Basin


2009 PRID Honorees: Denny Farrell, Gov. David Patterson, Barbra Minch and Al Handell

Linda Rosenthal and Scott Stringer


        Earl Scott and David Patterson

  Al Handel and Norman Siegel

Mary Dowery and Gloria Aldamuy


 Jeff House and Ray Loving


Mary Geisman and Marc Landis

Arlene Karole and David Patterson

Ed Kornreich and Jerry Nadler


Mark Green and Jerry Goldfeder


Jason and Cory Haber



Bobby Berlin and Arlene Karole


Marcia and Bob Amsterdam

Michael, Al and Brian Handell

Arthur Grieg and Deborah Kaplan

Scott Stringer and Eric Schneiderman

     Patrice, Carla and Earl Scott


Penny Schor and Reina Wolinsky

Denny Farrell

Barbra Minch

Bartender at Boat Basin